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Reprint in Smartforms

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How to put the re-print option in smartforms when ever forms are printed for a second time the form should print the Re-Printed.Please let me know any FM available for this in smartforms.


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Check NAST table with the output type, condition type & Object key. If the entry exist print Re-Print.

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Use the Copies Window,These windows are used to identify the original copy of a form and the repeatedly printed copies of the same form.


You use the copies window to define an output area for the print output, whose content you want to appear either only on the copy or only on the original. This allows you to flag copies as copies when the form is printed.


You use this window type only if you want to print copies of your form. In the spool dialog in the Number input field of the Copies group box enter the number of copies (including the original).


You can determine where to print the inferior nodes of a copies window:

Both on the original and on the copies ( Original and Copies )

Only on the original ( Only Original )

Only on the copies ( Only Copies )

You can use the system fields SFSY-COPYCOUNT or SFSY-COPYCOUNT0 to query whether the current output is the original or, respectively, which number the copy has.


You frequently print a graphic on the copies to flag them as copies. If, independent of the copy, the graphic is always the same, SAP Smart Forms can buffer the graphic before printing the page and thus increase performance. To do this, you must flag the copies window accordingly:

If you mark Identical Copies SAP Smart Forms buffers the output to increase performance. Within such a window, any queries of the system fields SFSY-COPYCOUNT or SFSY-COPYCOUNT0 have no effects.

If you mark Different Copies SAP Smart Forms generates the contents again for each copy. You use this option if, for example, you want to number your copies consecutively (Copy 1, Copy 2, Copy 3, and so on).


Queries whether the original is printed or which number the copy has. COPYCOUNT = 1 : orginal, COPYCOUNT = 2 : first copy; COPYCOUNT = 3: second copy, and so on.


Queries whether the original is printed or which number the copy has. COPYCOUNT = 0 : orginal, COPYCOUNT = 1 : first copy; COPYCOUNT = 2 : second copy, and so on.



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You need to pass the sy-tcode to smartforms and check whether it is orginial print or re-print.


1-VT01N is used to print list of shipment creation - here we check for this tcode and print ORIGINAL

2- VT70 is used to reprint the same shipment created-Here we check for tcode and print RE-PRINT

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