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Hello to all viwers (urgent)

Requirement in this way.


Company code (bukrs)-Mandatory

Vendor code (lifnr)

Keydate (date)-mandatory

The vendor master data will updated with ssi registration no. to till date.

If the field of ssi reg no – zssiregno is blank it is not a ssi vendor.

n zssiregno is not blank it is a ssi vendor.

Once the ssi vendor are identified then do the following process.

1.Based on the input selection of company code, key date and vendor no the program need to be obtained following.

Go to table BSAK and obtain all the line item having clearing docu.(AUGBL) = blank, if it is not blank then check for clearing date (AUGDT) whether greater then the input key date.

If any of the above condition is true then the line item to be considerd for processing.

2.sort the data vendor wise and list all the line item with with data obtained.

3.from the line items obtained from above processing check whether the sp. GL indicator (UMSKZ) is blank and if it is yes then obtained LIFNR,BELNR,WRBTR,BUDAT,ZFBDT,

4.if (UMSKZ) is not blank then obtained BELNR,WRBTR,BUDAT,ZFBDT,UMSKZ and list them sprataly below the normal line item.

5.obtained the vendor name (name1 and name2-concatenate) and address (name3 name4 stras ort01 pstlz from lfa1 and concatenate them to get complete address)

6.if the line item posting date is less then 30 days from the input key date then list the amount(WRBTR) in column – outstanding > 30 days column also.

7.get total after each listing i.e . vendor wise and normal line item and sp. GL line items seprataly in amount (RS) and Amt O/S for ore then 30 days

please give me the code and thanks in advance and defanatily reward.

Regard : deep.


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Developer Advocate
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Wow. Did you even try it yourself first? You might want to give it a try and if you get stuck with some part of it, of course we are here to help, but not really to do all of your work for you. Know what I mean?


Rich Heilman