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Report users & authorization values in release strategy

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I want a report which displays the user names and their release codes from the authorizations which the users have.

Is there any standard report?

Thank you.


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Hi Landra,

what do you mean by 'their release codes from the authorizations' ?

b.rgds, Bernhard

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I mean, the release codes that each user is ayuthorized, eg release code foro PR, PO in purchasing -mm.

Thank yuou

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I think there is no such list which displays user and release codes in standard....

What you could do is to select the required data from table AGR_1251 (to get role name, authorization values for the desired object(s) and then AGR_USERS to get the list of users, who have assigned that roles.

SUIM-reports will not display the users and the authorization values at the same screen (from my knowledge) - beside rsusr008_009_new (users by critical authorizations -



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Dear Landra,

There is no standard report to get this data. But you can get this by combining the data of the 2 tables AGR_1251 & AGR_USERS.

1. Goto SE16 --> table AGR_1251. Give Z* for Role, M_EINK_FRG for Object & FRGCO for Field Name and run it.

2. Goto SE16 --> table AGR_USERS. Give Z* for Role and execute it.

Vlookup both the reports in step 1 & 2 to get the list of users having access to a particular Release Code in the system.


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