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Report selection screen Elements.

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Hello Experts,

I want to add multiple elements in a single line in the selection screen.I enclosed elements between BEGIN OF LINE & END OF LINE.But if i place a select option,two input fields(Total of  3 in a row) it shows length error like "Maximum length is 79".How to place n number of elements in a single line.

Please give your valuable thoughts here.



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Hello Prabaharan,

You can try and use key work 'POSITION'

For more help please refer to the below link,

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Hi Prabaharan,

yes Begin of Line will limit you to Maximum of 79 length.

Since it is a selection screen which SAP will generate when you activate and execute. I wont suggest you to go for a change in Screen Layout of screen 1000.

If you are very specific about one line then you need to create your own screen as selection screen and call it as Call selection-screen XXXX in your program. Hope this helps.

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Hello venkat

Thanks for your reply. I tried creating a screen but the selection screen(radio button) is disabled . Can you please more details on this ?


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In your report program Write the code as "Call selection-screen 100."  DB Click on the Screen number 100 and let THE SCREEN TYPE BE Normal radiobutton only. After that place the fields on the screen with screen painter as shown below.

Later execute the program you will see the selection screen

hope this helps

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Hello Venkat,

I tried the approach you have mentioned.I placed a select-option and an Input field.However i could not place the third element.Please sugggest your ideas.


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What you're doing is the right way to do it, but as you see it has that limitation. I would use the screen painter (dialog programming) to accomplish that.