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Report SD

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Hi abapers,

What is a shipping document and wht is the functional need of this.

These are the tables involved.



vttk, "Shipment Header

likp, "Delivery Header Data

vfkp, "Shipment Costs: Item Data


As we normally hav standard programs for these so what is the requirement of again a customized report.

looking for ur replies.




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what are the standard programs u r having , can u share it to us for our reference .

See basically when the PGI is done for the delivery so it means for the product is ready to be shipped .

So a shipping document is done that these are the list of items being shipped for so and so customer and this carries the information of from where it is shipped who was the carrier details.

delivery details (LIKP+LIPS)

VTTK VFKP for shipment

M* for material details etc..

so now after executing the standard programs see if something is missing so they might ask for a new development ..



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Hi Vijay

Thank u for ur reply.

I m just giving a query i dont know exactly is there any standard

report for shipping avilable.

So can just tell me that will there be any performance difference between

our own customized report and a standard report.

just looking for ur reply.



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Hi ,

i hoped that there was already a std program avaliable so i asked u .

See standard report lets take transaction VA05 will give me the open sales orders for a range of customers .

But i have to abide by the selection criteria of that transaction itself which sometimes can work only as a reference .

Remember that i have to execute this only with the selection parameters ..

sometimes i will not find the key criteria.

So perofrmance wise when im not able to key in some of the more conditions the result is it takes more time to display the data which my Functional consultant is not interested.

Now if i write a custom report to satisfy the same then i can achieve this with good perormance .