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Renumeration Statement PZ11_PDF

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The PZ11_PDF Tcode gives a selection screen with a welcome text and SAP logo. The name of the image file is MYSAP.GIF. I am thinking of overwriting it with my company logo. But I am not able to find the exact location in my MIME Repository(SE80). Any help.


Edited by: Muralidaran Shanmugham on May 29, 2009 7:21 AM


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Please use the following procedure.

Step 1. Go to transaction SMW0, select Binary data for WEBRFC applications.

Step 2. The new logo must be in a .gif format.

Step 3. From this transaction create a new object and then choose IMPORT.

Step 4. You must then specify the path to the .gif object you have saved, and select the option to


Step 5. Then maintain table SSM_CUST via SM30.

Step 6. Change the field START_IMAGE to the name of the object you created in SMW0 and you'll have

your new logo

Please check the below link for your reference.

I hope this will solve your problem.



Satyam computer services Ltd

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Thanks for the reply Pugal. But I am unable to see the MYSAP.GIF file. There is only a .png file with the same name. I need to first locate this file and then overwrite it with my custom file. Your inputs would be highly appreciated.



Edited by: Muralidaran Shanmugham on May 29, 2009 7:54 AM

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Hi Muralli,

The exact location of the file is at the program: SAPLHRESS00_REP

Include: LHRESS00_REPO01

Function Group : HRESS00_REP

Line # 47 in the "call method g_html_control->load_mime_object".



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Hi Deepa,

Its not the program that I am looking for. I am searching for the image file.

Can anyone let me know the folder path of the image file. I even searched in SWM0 Tcode and couldnt find it there.


Edited by: Muralidaran Shanmugham on Jun 1, 2009 1:08 AM

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Dear Murali Shanmugham,

I have the same question, did you solved this issue?

I have a post in sdn, but at this time i didn't have any feedback.

Can you help me?

Best Regards,

Eduardo Paiva