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Rename DB table column name without loosing data

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Is it possible to rename a custom z-field in a SAP standard table with out loosing the data in that column? We have millions of records in that Standard table.




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Yes, that should be OK! Especially if you are not changing its type.

Don't forget to re-generate the table maintenance function group/module, if any.

If you have to change type, you can adapt data with the SE14 transaction.

Best regards,


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Hi Guillaume,

I am loosing the data if i rename the column in SE11.



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If you rename a column in your db, it is like deleting the field and adding a new one. You will loose data. Best way to do this is to add the new field, transport to production. Write a program to copy the value from the old field to the new field, then delete the old field.


Rich HEilman

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Thanks Rich.

What will be the best way to write a program to copy data from old column to new column as i have millions of records.


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Hi Sanjay

I also suggest the way to write a program to shift all data of field to be deleted to new field. You can write a simple code.

Select source field value into variable.

Target field value = variable.

Update table set target field.

Commit work.

OR you can write a BDC program if you can have the target field as any screen field.


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Should be a simple program.

report zrich_0001.

data: iztab type table of ztab with header line.

select * into iztab from ztab.
loop at iztab.
iztab-newf = iztab-oldf.
modify ztab from iztab.


Rich Heilman

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hi sanjay,

yes u can do that.