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Removing Line Breaks from Smartform Paragraph, PDF

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Hi Abapers,

I have an issue while printing some content in PDF via Smartforms. The text displayed in the PDF is as below: (This is just an example)

" This is not 132 characters


the file is not valid"

Now, the issue is the above paragraph is one line, however, it gets divided into 3 lines with lots of space after "hence". I need to merge the lines without the extra spaces. Another crux is that since there was ## in the text I have used NEWLINE to remove the #. I think the issue is occurring because of the NEWLINE as SAP only identifies the # and creates a NEWLINE without understanding the sentence completion.

Is there a way to solve this issue? Any snippet or FM which completes sentences would be of tremendous help.

Awaiting reply.




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Does this text come from some READ_TEXT, and in this case did you use a FM like CONVERT_ITF_TO_ASCII to reformat the text?



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Hi Raymond,

Thanks for the response, however I have tried this FM and it merges the entire paragraph without respecting the NEWLINE.

So e.g if I have a text like " This is 132 characters




                                         This is invalid"

The FM returns the result as " This is 132 characters hence this is invalid" which is not what I want. I need the blank lines to be retained as it is.