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Removed lock object from Transport request by mistake


Hello all,

I had created a table lock object(from SE11) which had moved to the Test environment. Due to a change the lock object was not needed anymore and hence I deleted it in the development environment and the deletion reference of the object got created in the new transport request in the Development environment. So ideally when the new transport request moves the lock object should get deleted from the Test environment.

While checking the transport request, by mistake I deleted the deletion reference of the lock object from the new transport request. Upon realising my mistake, I immediately recreated it with the same name and deleted it and saved it in the transport request again , so that again the reference is back in the transport request. 

My question is, once the transport request moves to the Test environment will the lock object get deleted from Test environment?

I am worried because the creation instances are different now though name is same.

Please advise. Many thanks


Active Contributor

Yes, it should take care of removing the lock object when the transport is imported.



Ryan Crosby

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Thanks Ryan. I was worried because I recreated it and then deleted. Many thanks