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Remedy system to Portal - HTTPS problem

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Hello folks,

I am integrating remedy system to portal using R/3. We are not able to consume the webservice directly from the Iview using portal services(not supporting for the remedy system). So we have created a RFM(using SOAP). Portal connects to R/3 using this RFM and R/3 connects to remedy system and returns the ticket created which is passed to the portal.

This works fine if the webservice is HTTP based but doesn't work after enabling HTTPS. Keeps giving authentiocation/HTTP communication err. Does the webservice supports HTTPS using ABAP?.They do have an option to accept HTTPS but it's not working.(Scheme 1= HTTP , 2 = HTTPS )

call method cl_http_client=>create


host = 'arsdev'

service = '8883'

scheme = '2'


client = http_client.

Has anyone encountered the same problem ? Is there anyway we can consume the webservice thru' ABAP after enabling HTTPS?




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Hi Vikram

May be you can get more answers by posting your thread to forums related with EP?


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I am interested in the approach you have used to create the Remedy ticket via R/3. We are starting an investigation into the potential options - would you share the strategy for this integration? Did you utilize a 3rd party connector such as ARS-Link or something more basic?

Thanks for your advice.


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Hi, gurus.

I thought you have successfully configured Solman-BMC connection before?

Can you share some thoughts on it, especially where I can found decent documentation that tells step I should take. I've configured it for days, but I can't understand how Solman will pass message to Remedy and vice versa.

Do you have email or messenger so I can ask about it?

I've followed SAP guidances from service marketplace and here but with no luck.

Thanks gurus.