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Release Strategy vs. Delete (Purchase Requisition)

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When my Purchase Requisition hasn't got a Release Strategy I can mark it as deleted using BapiDelete from the Purchase Requisition business object. But when is has got a Release Strategy I can not. Is it right? Am I missing something? Or maybe haven't I got the privileges to delete an Item?


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What message are you getting?

Typically, if you have a release strategy associated with a requisition, it will trigger workflow and someone will approve it. Then it will get converted to a PO. So it will be difficult to delete a line item from a requisition that has a release strategy attached to it and has gone through the approval process and got converted into a PO.


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It just says that the Purchase Requisition has been successfully modified. When I get the PR details its delete_indicator is empty...

And there is no PO for this PR yet.

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I am assuming that you are using the BAPI_REQUISITION_DELETE. If I look at the code, there is a comment that says '<b>Requisitions with dependent reservations won't be processed</b>'.

So if your requisition item creates a reservation then you will not be able to delete the item. It doesn't give you any error message but gives a warning message <i>'Subcontracting item & & not processed due to reservations'</i>for that. Here is the condition that it is checking.

<i>IF xeban-pstyp EQ 3 AND xeban-rsnum NE space.</i>

So if you are deleting more than one item at the same time and one of them meets that above criteria, then it will not be processed for deletion, but you will see a success message because the other items are processed correctly. If you look at the entire return messages, you might find a warning message in there for the item that didn't get deleted.


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Hi Srinivas,

I'm encountering problem regarding release strategy in PR.

Actually I made some changes in a certain release strategy like I have increase the item value and included also new material group. But then when I created new PR, the release strategy tab is not showing.

Before doing any changes, I'm able to see the release strategy..but after the changes release strategy tab is not showing anymore....

Do I missed something?

Please help.

By the way, the characteristics that I used are the following:

Material group, acct assign category, plant and Total value of item.