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Registration of production orders and purchase requisition via API

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Dear All

I am using the API(Production Order (Version 2)) to register a manufacturing order for an operation subcontract item.

When I manually register a manufacturing order from the Create Production Order application, a purchase requisition is automatically registered.

However, if I register the same item using the API, the purchase requisition is not automatically created.

Is there a way to automatically register a purchase requisition when using the API to register a manufacturing order?

If not, is there an API to activate the purchase requisition after the production order is registered?

Request JSON is following.{ "Material": "SampleMaterial", "ProductionPlant": "10", "ManufacturingOrderType": "YBM1", "ProductionVersion": "0001", "TotalQuantity": "25", "MfgOrderPlannedStartDate": "2023-04-19T00:00:00", "MfgOrderPlannedStartTime": "PT08H30M00S"}
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