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Regd: CIN

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Hi all,

We are working on a rollout project.Issue is briefed below

Our Server is in Italy(Parent company) and they are using MySAP(ECC 5.0) Version. Their system is in live and they are rolling out to India.

For applying CIN templates, we need to run transaction 'o035'. From SAP Help we understand that this transaction can be run only on a pre-customized client(copied from 000). Since our client is already in live, can we able to run the transaction 'o035' in the development client?

How should i proceed with configuring country India template in this scenario?

Pls do suggest.

Thanks & Regds.



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Hi Ramesh!

About implementing country templates, I thought it's the other way around: only do this <i>before</i> you start your own customizing.

But anyway, that's now academic and all you can take out of this is: test carefully for side-effects.

Running the country template should change some standard defaults for SAP's customizing objects. When you implement your own objects, you (sometimes) copy them from standard. Here the changed default comes into action.

After you completed your copying, you can apply next country template and copy to new objects for this country... and so on.

At least that's the way I got the multiple country implementation. Then you would be at right moment: Italy is ready, you can apply India which will rule for the next steps.



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Hi Christian,

Thanks for your reply.It would be great if you can clarify me on the following

1)Parent company is in live for the past two years and now they are rolling out to India.If i am running the transaction 'o035' in the development client,

a)will it work?-if works,what will be the impact to the parent company customization settings.

2)Or can i do CIN Config without running the transaction 'o035'.How to proceed in such case?



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Ad 1) Should be possible run o035 (but never did this on my one).

Impact? If <i>everything</i> was copied before use (comany codes, organization levels, order types, schemata...), no change for running installation should occur. In case some standard stuff is used in original - how should I know, that depends on the circumstances (is it even different in Italy / India?).

Ad 2) What is CIN? I'm referring to a country template installation. Of course you could live without a country template, you 'just' need to make all settings on your own Sometimes this isn't a difficult job, but if you would know all details of the template, you would not need to ask.

I would go for template installation. There are very basic (= deep inside) settings, this needs to be done before you make adjustments for India and without you have definitely more trouble.

Just be careful:

- e.g. ask for a backup (Friday evening) and some time, where every change might get lost because of restore (or a system copy).

- Active change log for customizing (and test you get entries in case of table changes).

- Run the template

- Check the change log, which tables were touched, look for keys, which are used in Italy (not the standard defaults like store 0000)

- Eventually ask for some small tests

- Decide to go back or go on.