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Regarding webdypro java and enterprise Portal documnets

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Hello Friends,

I would like to learn webdynpro JAVA and Enterprise Portals.

I know some basics and i would like to know clear documnets.

APart from Learning documnets and please send me cerftification documnets.

Please mail me to <REMOVED BY MODERATOR>

Thanks in Advance.


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You need to cover all these mentioned below. Regarding material try to spend your time on

Before that Listen all the Elearnings in SDN portal. After that u will come to know...what to do next.

In this way u can easily understand portal ..

Regarding the Certification course contents... follow these...

Step:1 JA300 SAP J2EE Fundamentals

Overview of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java system architecture

Administration tools: Visual Administrator, SAP Management Console

SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure (NWDI)

Overview of Enterprise JavaBeans

Introduction to the SAP persistence framework

  • SAP Java Dictionary

  • Open SQL for Java

  • Overview of supported persistence models: JDBC, SQLJ, entity beans, and JDO

SAP Web Dynpro Java (introduction)

Servlets, JSP (introduction)

Programming Java application clients and Web clients for EJBs

Step:2 JA310 Java Web Dynpro

Core Positioning

Web Dynpro development with the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio

Web Dynpro Controller

Context definition

Context access at runtime

UI elements

Messages and multilingual capability

Input help

Debugging Web Dynpro applications

Dynamic changes to context and UI

Using models using adaptive RFC as an example

Step:3 TEP12 SAP NetWeaver Portal Development

The big picture

The end user perspective

Technical infrastructure

Portal platform content

  • Object Model for Portal Content

  • Working with iViews, Pages, Worksets and Roles

  • Business Packages

Overview and positioning of development tools

Introduction to SAP NW Visual Composer

Introduction to SAP NW Developer Studio and PDK

Portal Applications and the Portal Runtime

Implementation of Portal Components. In particular compromising: server side eventing, personalization, internationalization

Custom Portal Services and Web Services

Standard Portal Services. In particular compromising the usages of: User Management, Connector Framework

Enterprise Portal Client Framework

Building and integrating WebDynpro applications into the NW Portal

Certification examination for Development Consultants SAP NW Portal, based on the content of the courses JA310 and TEP12.


SAP Consultant Certification

Development Consultant SAP Netweaver 2004s – NetWeaver Portal

Software components: NetWeaver Portal 7.0 on NetWeaver 2004s

Certification exam is included in course TEP12 and is also offered in separate certification events at many SAP locations.

Certification ID (Booking code): C_TEP12_04S

Certification duration: 3 hours

Number of certification questions: 80

Required certificates for participation in this certification test: None

Courses for certification preparation: JA310 (Java Web Dynpro), TEP12 (Development of Portal Applications)

Alternative Project Team Training courses for certification preparation: JA310 (Java Web Dynpro), SAPEP (SAP NW Portal Fundamentals), EP120 (SAP NW Portal Development)

Please note that you are not allowed to use any reference materials during the certification test (no access to online documentation or to any SAP system).

The certification test Development Consultant SAP Netweaver 2004s – NetWeaver Portal verifies the knowledge in the area of the SAP Netweaver for the consultant profile Enterprise Portal. This certificate proves that the candidate has a basic understanding within this consultant profile, and can implement this knowledge practically in projects.

The certification test consists of questions from the areas specified below:

Topic Areas

1. Visual Composer

Build and Run Applications

2. Portal Runtime


3. Portal Components (++)



4. Portal Services and Web Services( +)

Portal Services

Web Services

5. User Management

User Management Engine, Persistent Manager and Adapters

LDAP directories


User Management methods and states

6. Connector Framework

Overview, resource adapters, JCA and CCI

SAP BAPI, transactions and Function Builder

Jar Files for Connector Framework

Deployment descriptor, Interaction Spec and closing connections


7. Enterprise Portal Client Framework(+)

Client Eventing, Client Data Bag and EPCF levels

Subscribing and Raising Events

8. WebDynpro Integration(+)

General Concepts and Integration

9. SAP Enterprise Portals Fundamentals(+)

The Big Picture

The End-User Perspective

Technical Infrastructure

Portal Platform Content

10. WebDynpro(++)

User Interfaces

Controller Contexts

Controller Architecture


Generic UI-Services

Dynamic Programming



Web Dynpro Security


Adaptive RFCs

Amount of questions by topic (as percentage of test):

+ = 1 - 10%

++ = 11 - 20%

+ = over 20%