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Regarding the details abt the classification stored in MM03

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Hi experts,

In the T.Code MM03 der is one tab CLASSIFICATION

In dis tab the classifications of the individual material is stored.

I want to know where it is stored in the database (i.e the table name where dis data is stored) since i am not getting the Tech Info. 4 it.

Its Urgent..............

Thanks in advance




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Check these tables:

CABS Result of the Statistical Analysis of Table AUSP

CUFM Customising: Class/Config: Screendesigner Form

TCME Validity for Global Characteristics

KLAH Class Header Data

KLAT Classes: long texts

KSML Characteristics of a Class

AUSP Characteristic values

SWOR Classification System: Catchwords

KSSK Allocation Table: Object to Class

TCLG Class groups

TCLO Key Fields of Objects

TCLS Classes: Organisational areas

TCLST Classes: Org. Areas (Texts)

TCLU Class Status

COCC PP-PI attributes for characteristics

COFV Process management - process instr. charact. in ctrl. recipe

COME Process management - message characteristics

CORE Process mgmt.- display characteristics of the eval. version

PLFV PI Characteristics/Sub-Operation Parameter Values

Matchcodes: CLAS, MERK en KLSW

35. Classification

TCLA Class Types

TCLAT Class Type Texts

TCLT Classifiable Objects

LTCLTT Classifiable Objects: Texts

36. Classification characteristics

CABN Characteristic

CAWN Characteristic values



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thanks a lot aveek

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Now i want to capture dis data into the program.

How can i write a querry using the two tables AUSP n CABN so that the data is captured??

Its Urgent......

Plz help me vit the source code...

thanks in advance