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Regarding INCLUDE <icon>

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Hi all, i have used INCLUDE <icon> in my program bt my prgrm is showing error as "The Program "" is not uni-compatible according to its attributes".

Can someone explain me hw to over come this error.


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Goto menu -> Attributes -> check the check box 'unicode checks active'



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My main program is Unicode enabled, bt INCLUDE <icon> is not, help me with this.

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Well click GOTO--> ATTRIBUTES> and ENABLE THE UNICODE CHECKBOX---> and press enter

Apart from using INCLUDE<ICON> you can even use Include<LIST> also

Your issuse is solved.



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My main program is Unicode enabled and is not showing any error, bt i am getting error as with regard to INCLUDE<icon>. The error is " INCLUDE <icon> is not unicode enabled ". Help me with this.

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Instead of

include <icon>. use

type-pools : icon.

Both of them are same as from inside the include <icon> SAP is calling this type group/pool.

Still if u face same prob. then u cannot do anything as u are using std. sap type group/include. So u have to continue with it as it is.



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hi balu,

So i think you should check the 'UNICODE ACTIVE 'for your include program also.



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If it is executable program type just do unicode check active checkbox as active.

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example of this is

WRITE <symbol-name> AS SYMBOL.

WRITE <icon-name> AS ICON.

The names of symbols and icons (<symbol-name> and <icon-name>) are system-defined constants that are specified in the include programs <SYMBOL> and <ICON> (the angle brackets are part of the name). The includes also contain a short description of the symbols and icons. The easiest way to output symbols and icons is to use a statement structure (see the example in Using WRITE via a Statement Structure).

To make symbols and icons available to your program, you must import the appropriate include or the more comprehensive include <LIST> in your program. For further information about importing include programs, see Using Include Programs.

INCLUDE <symbol>.

INCLUDE <icon>.

/ 'Phone Symbol:', SYM_PHONE AS SYMBOL.


WRITE: / 'Alarm Icon: ', icon_alarm AS ICON.

You can replace both the above INCLUDE statements with one single INCLUDE statement:

INCLUDE <list>.

and for the compatibilty issue

just Goto menu -> Attributes -> check the check box 'unicode checks active'