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Regarding custom Function Module

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Hi Group,

Could anyone please guide me on a custom Function Module.


I have to use this function module to get either active records or inactive records.

This function module which has yet to be created should have to code to fetch both active records and inactive records. It depends on what user has selected in a report.

The report has 2 radio buttons in the selection screen. If rb_1 is selected then we have to call this function module and pass all the inactive records.

And if rb_2 is selected then all the active records should be selected.

Now I have to code the function module depending on the selection of the radio button. I can keep a flag in the function module and assign it 1 or 2 depending of the selection of the radio button.

Guys could you guide me on how do I set a flag in such scenario in the function module?


In the Source code of function module.

If flag = 1.

select all invalid records


If flag = 2.

select all valid records.


where should I keep this flag in my function module.

After setting this how do I call it in the report, depending on the radio button selected and how do I code in my report.

Hope you will understand this.

A million thanks in advance.



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in the function module u have to declare "FLAG" as an import parameter. n then while calling this functon module from the report, u should paas a value to this "FLAG" based on the radio button selected.

tell me if this information was helpful.

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Thanks Vikram.

Thank you for your suggestion.

I will come back to you if I have still any further doubts.