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regarding creating change documents in SCDO

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i tried to create an object class 'ZM_test' using SCDO to record changes in my custome tables.

i created the classs, assigned the tables to the class, generated the update program. I wanted to record all the changes in fields of the tables mentioned in the above class thorough a CUSTOM i passed In that function module(ZM_TEST_WRITE_DOCMENT) the tcode.

But when i went in to look for the recorded changes in CDHDR/CDPOS all i can see is that my object class which i have given is getting attached to another object class called AENDBELEG why is that happening could any one please help me how can i record the changes to the field and i also need the old and the new be displayed using FM CHANGEDOCUMENT_READ & CHANGEDOCUMENT_DISPLAY.


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It seems the Object 'ZM_TEST' which you have created is treated as AENDBELEG (Change Document), and the changes are recorded in AENDBELEG object.

Check your Object Name 'ZM_TEST' in the table TCDOB.

If it exists it should take. If not something wrong. Check.



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i have seen it in the tabel it show ZM_TEST does exist in TCDOB along with all my tables which were attached to ZM_TEST but i cant find that as object class in CDHDR/CDPOS whereas it shows it as OBJECTID i dont know why....could u please help me out...

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Hi! I've got the same problem. I can see my object_id in the cdhdr table and my object_id exists in the TCDOB table. How can I get some information about what records were changed and what values they had?


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What value must be in the CDPOS-tabname? One that I entered when I created change document object? But I could only see TCDOB, TCDRP and TCDRS table names there! Why is that happening?

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I've found the solution. When calling xxx_WRITE_DOCUMENT FM it is necessary not to leave upd_xxx blank. Then the log entries will appear in the CDHDR and CDPOS tables.