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Regarding containers

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Hi experts,

When i am seeing the ABAP object programs they have used containers in these. When Containers are required to use Why it is required?

Please explain in detailed.


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Hi Murali,

A container is required to define the area of the screen where a control will be placed. It is just like how you do it in case of subscreens. You specify a subscreen area on the screen and determine at runtime which screen will be called into the subscreen area.

Similarly, in case of controls like an ALV Grid, ALV Tree etc., we need to specify that a particular area on the screen will be used for displaying a control. Which control you want to place on the screen is left to you. You might want to conditionally display different ALV Grids which contain different data or even different controls in the same area on the screen.

These containers will give you the desired dynamism of placing any object you want on the <i>same</i> screen.

Get back if you need further explanation.


Anand Mandalika.

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hi krishna,

containers are of 5 types

1. workflow containers

2. method containers

3. event containers

4. task containers

5. role containers

they are used in SAP workflows . when we make a workflow in SAP workflow we need to process any step of workflow through a task . and the object that flows in a workflow has methods(actions which can be performed on objects) and events(status of the object). now containers are basically the parameters.

use: they are used to pass values from workflow to task, task to method, event to workflow, etc.

i can give you more details with example if u want.