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regarding calculation tab in smartforms....

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hi experts,

i m using calculation tab in the smartforms for calculating total quantity for each material individually,means for first mat. it will calculate likewise for second third etc....

i m giving like this::

operand - total,

field name -wa_itab_final_sfm-labst_tm

target field name - v_labst1

time - after sorting

for field name - MATNR

reset - for sort criteria

for field name - MATNR

but it is not working it is giving total at the end of all material,what sud i add explicitly to achieve the above scenario....


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Hi. Ravi..

In the TABLE node before the CALCULATIONS TAB you Have DATA tab.

Set the Following in that tab. under SORT Criteria...



then It will work...

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HI narayan,

i have already done what u told now still it is not giving proper output.

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instead of giving calculation to all .....keep a programline before u r code .....write control break statement like 'at new matnr' .....and at end.....write sum ...pick this sum in variable....................................

i hpe this would be helpful....

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hi raam ,

see i clicked 'event on sort end' in this i m using text , here i will add the program lines said by you or somewhere else...

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after u data retrival logic u need to use this programline.....i mean before u r final internal table [ final internal table node].....

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hi raam,

whenever i use at new matnr it is giving error,at new is possible only under loop endloop....

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iam sorry ravi in u r loop ......i.e in u r data retyrival logic itself u need to use u r control break this it will definetly work...

i came across this scenario......i triggered sum for every kunnr .

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Have you tried changing the Time column to 'After loop' instead of 'after sorting'?



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ya nick i also tried this but i didnt get rt result,now i m very much fedup using this so i added program lines now it is working.........

this is the solution:

program lines in the main area :


program lines in the event.

clear v_labst1.