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Regarding a field addition in FBL1N, FBL5N

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Hi all

I want to add the G/L account to the standard transaction FBL1N , I saw in thread by going to transaction FIBF , we can do that . But How to do there ??

If anybody done like that , please tell me the steps to do that .




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I think G/L account is already there . You have to change the layout for that just click ctrl + F8 and include G/L account field in your existing layout.

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Yes,it is there.Just check the layout for G/L Account.


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Try Shift + F4

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If the fields to be added is already there in layout field list , just change the layout.

If the field does not exist. Please go through the steps given below.

a. Add the news fields in structure RFPOS and RFPOSX by APPEND structure

b. Run the report RFPOSXEXTEND in order to update the structure RFPOSXEXT from RFPOSX

(this report has to be run in every enviroment, dev, test and prod)

c. Active the BTE 00001650 in order to create a fm as copy of SAMPLE_INTERFACE_00001650:

d. here insert the code you need to fill your new field.

e. Use trx FIBF to active the BTE, trx SE37 to create the new fm

I have incorporated a requirement of adding additional customer field in FBL5N using BTE enhancement. It works fine.

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Mohamed Aboobacker Siddique.

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Hi siddiqui,

i got the similar requirement for FBL5N

my requirement is to add Purchase order field in the output list, which is coming from VBAK-BSTNK based on my clients business logic.

here i have appended the field in the strcuture RFPOSX and have run the report RFPOSXEXTEND then i have created custom function module for this instead of this standard SAMPLE_INTERFACE_00001650

n have written my code into it, to populate the field.

but im unable to display in the output list.

as the standard report is using 'FI_ITEMS_DISPLAY' function module to display output.

Can u plz tell me how append the field VBAK-BSTNK in the field catalog to display in the output.