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Reg : Table control in modal dialogue box mi04

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Hi all

I have requirement that adding serial number to each material in mi04 through .txt file upload ,

i have created a push button in modal dialogue box to upload the .txt file with 4 entries i have done this in PAI.

in PBO i have moved the values from internal table to screen .Now i can see the values in the screen .

after pressing ENTER throwing error "Exactly 4 serial numbers must be selected (instead of 3 )

PAI loop control looping only 3 times but in table control i have 4 values . here the case is standard way if you give material quantity 4 then 4 fields will be enabled in table control ,but in screen only 3 fields are visible to feed 4 th entry we have scroll down manually .

How to achieve this through coding.



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Hi, following SAP documentation to read and understand how Loop - with control works. Certanly, it will help you figuring it out. Regards