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Reg: Dialog Programming

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Dear All,

I'm new to this group.

Now i'm learning ABAp.

I need a small Help.

I want to insert/Update the data into master tables using Dialog Programming.

How can i do that.

I'm using RF(Radio frequency)devices,which can access the SAP Screens in Character Based Format and from those devices i want to update/recieve the Data in the database.

Please send me the procedure/Code.

Thanks & Regards,



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Hi Adi,

You can use BAPI's to update master data using a table control or steploops (Diologue programming) .

Bapi's are very easy to use they are just like Function modules .

To find bapi's just type bapi* in se37 you will find all the existing bapi's in you system .



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Hai Sateesh,

Thanks for your reply.

I'm using RF Hand Held Devices & Barcode Technology for stores Automation.

I want the dialog programming as when ever the user scan the barcode of the particular material,the system will automatically check the Databse and need to show the details of that Particular Material.

For issuing & reciveing & for stock verification i want the dialog programming.

In this How to use BDC's /BAPI's. what isa the advantage of using BDC's/BAPI's?

i don't know much about BAPI Programming.

I devloped one small Dialog Program...

The code look like this.

Delaration of Tables.

Internal table Declaration.

In the PAI Event.

Case sy-ucomm.

when 'save'.

insert mara.

when 'disp'.

select * from mara where matnr = itab-matnr.


when 'exit'.

leave program.


in the PBI Event

Move-correspondin itab to mara.

with this code i'm able to get the values what ever i entered,and i'm able to save.

What is use of BAPI's & what is the Advantage?

Please Reply me.



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You should not change standard table contents with SQL statements. Instead you should use BDC/BAPI. This is because if you enter data directly there is every chance that you may enter any junk into the table. consistenecy is lost. For example take SD module. A customer may be listed in a sales area. But when you are processing sales order for him, and if you are allowed to enter data directly you may enter a sales area in to which this customer does not belongs to. But still data is updated. you may enter a material for a plant in sales order in which case material does not belong to that plant ( these examples are only for explanation sake). So there needs to be some validation. This is done in transactions for which you write BDC programs and similar functionality is provided by BAPIs.

One more point to consider is - take the same Sales Order example. When you create a sales order there is lot of business logic involved inside. When a sales order is created/changed some changes occur to material related data or delivery related data or billing related data. These all should happen when ever sales order is changed. So if you want to enter data directly into tables then you have to see all the dependecies and do changes to the related tables. You may miss out somethings. And these changes change from scenario to scenario.

i hope you got the point.

Take a real life example. If you want to deposit cash in bank, you will not go and throw cash on to cashiers face and tell your account number.You have a procedure there. Fill in voucher, give cash to cashier along with voucher. He takes cash and he too has some procedures to credit cash to your account. This had to pass a fool-proof procedures.

Same is applied to data changed through BDC/BAPI.

Hope you got it!!!!!

Best Regards,