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reg ABAP-HR objects

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hi friends,

could u plz send me some objects for abap-hr, ie, infotypes, reports,dynamic action, interfaces, etc....

my mail id :

thanks in advance.




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Hi this will be of some help 4 u:

Few notes are below:

InfoSets in the HR Application

You can use SAP Query in HR to report on HR data. Queries are maintained as described in Creating Queries. The special features of queries created for HR are described in Maintaining Queries in the Human Resources Application. The maintenance procedure for HR InfoSets differs from the described procedure inasmuch as HR data fields are grouped together in infotypes.

InfoSet management in SAP Query is also used for InfoSet Query. For further information, see Functions for Managing InfoSets.

If you want to create InfoSets for HR, you can use logical databases PNP, PNPCE, PAP, and PCH (see HR Logical Databases). The database you must use to create your InfoSet depends on the component in which the data you want to report on is stored.

The reports you can execute using InfoSets based on logical databases PNP (or PNPCE) or PCH are similar, but differ in that they can select different objects. The following table describes the connection between the logical database, and the infotypes you can include in an InfoSet. It also provides you with one or two examples of reports that you can execute using the appropriate InfoSets.

Logical database PNP/PNPCE* PCH PAP

Selection of Persons Objects from Personnel Planning Applicants

Infotypes that can be included in the InfoSet Infotypes for· Personnel Administration (0000-0999) · Time Management (2000-2999) · Payroll infotypes · Infotypes for Personnel Planning objects that can be related to persons If the object type is specified:· Infotypes for the object type · Infotypes for objects that can be related to the specified object typeIf the object type is not specified:· All infotypes · Infotypes for Recruitment (4000-4999)· Some infotypes for Personnel Administration (such as 0001 and 0002)

· Customer infotypes

Reporting examples · Selection of all persons who participated in a specific business event, output of prices for reserved business events · Selection of all persons assigned to a specific personnel area, output of qualifications held by these persons · Selection of all business events held in London in March, output of all persons who participated in these business events · Selection of all positions assigned to a specific organizational unit, output of all persons assigned to the positions · Selection of all applicants hired last year to work on special projects, output of addresses for the applicants selected

  • Logical database PNPCE (PNP Concurrent Employment) functions just like logical database PNP. The procedure for creating InfoSets is also the same. It only becomes significant if you work with Concurrent Employment.

Creating InfoSets

The maintenance procedure for HR InfoSets differs from the procedure described so far in this section inasmuch as HR data fields are grouped together in infotypes. To set up an InfoSet for the HR application, proceed as follows:

1. On the initial screen for maintaining InfoSets, enter a name for the InfoSet and choose Create.

2. On the next screen, enter a name for the InfoSet and select one of the HR logical databases in accordance with your reporting requirements.

Customer infotypes can be created on all HR logical databases. In each individual case, therefore, you must decide which database to select so that you can report on customer infotypes.

This screen enables you to enter an authorization group. All of the queries that are subsequently created using this InfoSet can only be executed by persons who have this authorization group.

3. Choose .

This takes you to the Infotype Selection for InfoSet create'

4. Choose as business object 'PREL' and as document type 'HRICOLFOTO'

5. Push the create button

6. Fill in the appropriate personnel number

Steps for uploading Logo to an Z progrAM :-:

1. Goto the transaction OAER

2. Enter the class name as 'PICTURES'

3. Enter the class type as 'OT'

4. Enter the object key as the name of the logo you wish to give

5. Execute

6. Then in the new screen select Standard doc. types in bottom window

Click on the Screen icon

Now, it will ask for the file path where you have to upload the logo

7. Now you can use this logo in REUSE_ALV_COMMENTARY_WRITE

Here you go !!







  • text







i_logo = Logo name



Also forms:


Go through these pdf docs....

with regards,

Hema Sundara.

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