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Reg. 3 Decimal currency problem in IS Oil system

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Hi All,

I am working for IS Oil system, which has some enhancements. Usually currency will be in 2 decimals. But in IS Oil, they want to calculate with 3 decimals to get the accurate value. This requirement is in SD & MM. I tried to write the code in SD user exit - MV45AFZZ. Here I am overwritting the condition value by writing the code. But while saving system is over writting these values.

1. I suggested to functional cunsultant write the code in Pricing routine?

2. When I write the code in userexit, it is not working as I explained in the above. Do we have any OSS note for this?

Kindly advice me if any one worked for IS Oil sytem.

Thanks & Regards,

Yerukala Setty


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hey yeru,

as per your post, the curency value to make upto 3 decimal, then you have to declare that variable havin decimal value 3.

Currenlty variable which you are getting Currency value having decimal 2 then try to change its decimal to 3. And the thing that while saving system overwrite that particular values because that value has decimal 2

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This is SAP Standard. Even if you declare a packed variable with 3 decimal places, system will round that to 2 decimal places as the system fields have been defined with 2 decimal places only.



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Hi Danish,

Youa re right. In IS Oil system, for calculating the price of the PO / So functional consultant will be defining the Formulae. So i have found one Pricing routine and its working for SD side but same is not working out in MM. kindly advice me if any one worked in IS Oil system.


Yerukala Setty