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Receiver function module is not triggered on raising event

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Hello all.

I have created an event in a business object and configured the event and receiver type linkage in SWE2. Have given the event name as the receiver type in the SWE2 configuration.

The requirement was to hit the receiver function module on status change of operation and according I have maintained the status and event linkage in BSVW as well.

Still the receiver function module is not triggered on status change. Had turned on event trace from SWELS and seen the event is triggered. The receiver function module is also triggered when the event is manually raised from SWUE. Bur when the operation status is changed from IW32, the receiver function module code is not getting executed (event getting triggered as per event trace).

Please could anyone help . Have I missed any other confguration ? Was I wrong to set receiver type as event name ?

Thanks a lot.


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You did the customizing in SWE2 and BSVW, but how to know if you did it well? (your description is very short)

You are saying that the function module is not triggered, but how did you check it? Do you know that breakpoints may not be triggered in different situations? If you don't know all the ABAP concepts, the only way is to do an endless loop in the code or to trigger a short dump.

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Hi Sandra,

Thanks for your reply. I do know the concepts but had just asked if I had missed something. Apologies if my question seemed insufficient to you.

The issue has been resolved now.