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Re; userexit for GoodsMovement

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I need to customize an update to a customized table after performing a goods movement. Where can I find the exact User exit to do it?



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Did u check these exits n baid's by placing a break point.

Transaction Code - MB11 Goods Movement

Enhancement/ Business Add-in Description


MB_CF001 Customer Function Exit in the Case of Updating a Mat. Doc.

MBCF0011 Read from RESB and RKPF for print list in MB26

MBCF0010 Customer exit: Create reservation BAPI_RESERVATION_CREATE1

MBCF0009 Filling the storage location field

MBCF0007 Customer function exit: Updating a reservation

MBCF0006 Customer function for WBS element

MBCF0005 Material document item for goods receipt/issue slip

MBCF0002 Customer function exit: Segment text in material doc. item

Business Add-in

ARC_MM_MATBEL_WRITE Archive AddOn-Specific Data for MM_MATBEL

ARC_MM_MATBEL_CHECK Check AddOn-Specific Criteria for MM_MATBEL

MB_CHECK_LINE_BADI BAdI: Check Line Before Copying to the Blocking Tables

MB_PHYSINV_INTERNAL Connection: Core Inventory and Retail AddOn

MB_RESERVATION_BADI MB21/MB22: Check and Complete Dialog Data

MB_QUAN_CHECK_BADI BAdI: Item Data at Time of Quantity Check

MB_MIGO_ITEM_BADI BAdI in MIGO for Changing Item Data

MB_MIGO_BADI BAdI in MIGO for External Detail Subscreens

MB_DOC_BADI_INTERNAL BAdIs when Creating a Material Document (SAP Internal)

MB_DOCUMENT_UPDATE BADI when updating material document: MSEG and MKPF

MB_DOCUMENT_BADI BAdIs when Creating a Material Document

MB_CIN_MM07MFB7_QTY Proposal of quantity from Excise invoice in GR

MB_CIN_MM07MFB7 BAdI for India Version exit in include MM07MFB7

MB_CIN_LMBMBU04 posting of gr

MB_BATCH_MASTER Setting of Batch Data at Goods Movement.

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The update occurs in the FM MB_POST_GOODS_MOVEMENT. I will not enahnced on that function. Instead, I will use Userexit, MV50AFZ1 to modify the output.