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Question about SSO (for Java Dialog instance) for Portal EP 6.0 SP 20

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Hi All

I have following question.

We are running Portal 6.0 SP 20. We have JAVA (Portal) CI+DB running on single host SAPQP1 and Two JAVA Dialog Instances (J2EE Application servers) running on separate host namely SAPAP35 and SAPAP36.

I was able to configure SSO between SAPQP1 (CI+DB) and ECC R/3 system (QC1). SSO is working fine. Users can access all ESS/MSS data in portal when they use Portal URL running on SAPQP1 (

But when users try to access ESS/MSS data via portal (URL) running on SAPQP35 ( and SAPAP36 (( SSO does not work, i.e it system asks user id and password.

So , how I can configure SSO between SAPAP35 and SAPAP36 JAVA Dialog instances and ECC R/3?


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Hi Sandip,

obviously you already configured QC1 to accept Tickets issued by the Java Engine on SAPQP1. Did you imported the public (java) certificates from SAPAP35 and SAPAP36 into your ECC System? The certicficates need to be added in client 000 to your System PSE and in your production client to your ACL.



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Thank youfor your reply.

So do I have to import certificate from each Portal (Java) Dialog instance (SAPAP35 and SAPAP36) into ECC-QC1 system?

if yes, how do I do that? I mean , I know I did get certificate (verify.der) from Portal-CI-DB instance (SAPQP1) host, and imported in QC1, but this verify.der is same for SAPAP35 and SAPAP36.

Do I have to create separate certificate for SAPAP35 and SAPAP36? If so how to do this?