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query regurding the code of "back button"

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Dear friends,

After runing my report ,back button is disabled to return selection screen

for removing this i added code this code after write statement

set pf-status '1000'.

leave to list-processing and return to screen 1000.

but it not plz help

thaking u


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Tell me, are you calling any screen after selection screen ?

If you are using the module pool after the selection screen, you will need to create a menu for that. Then give the back functionality on that menu.



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Are you using your own PF STATUS in the report.

Check the status of the report used.

In that Add the BACK function code in the functioncodes.

It will work.

leave to list-processing is used to come to list from the transaction? are you using Transaction screen display from selection screen 1000.

then if you wants to return from a screen, create a button on screen, assign a FCT code like BACK, then in the PAI write the logic using SY_UCOMM, if Sy-ucomm = 'BACK', leave to screen 1000'.

reward if sueful



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If you are setting PF status, you have to assign a Function code to BACK button in PF satus -> Function keys

& then check the sy-ucomm for that code write the stment u hv used.

but i guess dont use the stmt SET PF-STATUS & try



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try like this

set pf-status '1000'.

here dbl click in 1000 go to function keys here you can find the bck button give BACK above that icon save it activate it.

now you have to write code in

at user-command.

case sy-ucomm.

when 'BACK'.

leave to screen 0.



shiba dutta