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Query Problem

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Hi All,

I Have few question On ABAP query.

1. How can one copy an ABAP query and Infoset from One client to another

2.In one of a scenario a user transported a query to another server and Most failed with errors of the form TEXT-P0XXX-XXXX MISSING. When I do Go to, More functions, consistency check, warning messages are

returned for TEXT fields like ''Text field for P001-BUKRS was re-identified'. Can anyone explain whats the meaning of the message.




Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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You have already asked this questions in another post. Why are you posting again? Please refer to your earlier post. Thanks.


Rich Heilman

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You can attach the Query / User Groups / Infoset to a Transport Request by Prg: RSAQR3TR.

You can download and upload with the same prog. if you want to opy across systems.

Hope this helps you.

Best Regards, Murugesh AS