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Query Problem

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USer copied queries from Client XYZ

to ABC . Most failed with errors of the form TEXT-P0XXX-XXXX

MISSING. When I do Go to, More functions, consistency check, warning messages are

returned for TEXT fields like ''Text field for P001-BUKRS was re-identified'. I did the copy

from XYZ to ABC no problem. My questions are:

1. What causes the message ''Text field for P001-BUKRS was re-identified'?

2. How are text values for fields determined? How did they go away in 720 and how can they

be restored?

3. Is there a way to compare an infoset in one client to another client for differences? If so,

please let me know how.

4.Also let me know How Can we copy an infoset from one client to another




Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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2) Text values for fields are mostly determined by the text tables associated to db table for the value.

3) I might be mistaken, but I thought that queries/infosets are client independent. So how did the user copy the query to another client?


Rich Heilman