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Query on batchjob

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I have a report which extract the data from certain tables create the file in AL11. From there a UNIX job having unix script PUSH the file to other third party system. As the report in SAP execute through batch job and when the report wont executes then file wont be created. But as per the scheduling and business requirements UNIX job has to run daily. Issue here is if the file is not there then UNIX job look for it and fails, I want in SAP itself if the Job runs and file created then it will all the UNIX script.

Is it possible if yes then how?


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you could create an external UNIX command (SM69) and use it with fm SXPG_COMMAND_EXECUTE

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@ Binder: I didnt got this can you please explain the same in detail.

@kevin: in the SAP pgm how i can call the UNIX script.


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you can create a SAP command and assign an OS command (e.g. UNIX) with parameters. This is done with transaction SM69.

From you report you can execute this command with th function module.

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You could run your program from a batch job and have a second step in the job call the UNIX program. That way the UNIX program would be called each time after your program creates the file.