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qRFC - How to read queue data

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When we debug a queue from <b>SMQ1</b> transaction, control will take us to remote system and we can debug the remote function module.

The data in the queue are stored in Raw format, through debug LUW the data is converted into actual format and it is passing the data to function module.

My question is which program or Function module is converting queue data into actual format. I want save the queue data into an excel file.

Please suggest me the program name/ Function module name to read the queue data into actual format.


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Please use function :


it will retrive all que records

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Thanks Murthy, But I want to read the information in a TID.

When we double click on a queue entry It will display data of that qRFC queue. Data will display in raw format. I want to read that data in actual format. I want to save that data in a excel sheet.

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Hi Parasuram,

Use the program RSTRFCDP for this purpose. You may have to specify the TID.

Hope this helps,


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RSTRFCDP program will display the outbound queue data in char format,other than charecter type values it is displaying the data in special charecters.

When we debug LUW control will go to remote system and data is converted to actual format and pass to function module. I need the program/function module which is responsible for converting queue data into actual format.