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QR Code To Print Report

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We have a report created in Crystal Reports that we use for documenting different assets in our company. In order to make this report more accessible, we would like to print QR stickers for each asset that can be scanned by a mobile device and then generate a report from our server and be viewable from the mobile device. I know that this going to take programming on our end to do but I'm curious what we'd need from Crystal Reports. I'm assuming that it would have a workflow similar to this:

1) Software on the mobile device that can scan and send ID#
2) Software on server that receives that ID# and relays it to the Crystal Reports report
3) Crystal reports does it's magic with our database and generates the report
4) The server software broadcasts it back to the software on the mobile end

Do we need anything other than the already generated report in order to run something like this? And if we are able to, what kinds of programming languages would integrate well with this kind of setup? I was hoping to use .NET but I'm open to trying other things as well. Thank you in advance for any tips and tricks to getting this running!

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