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Purchase Order Approval

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Hi all,

Im a new person for workflow. I did the scenario for purchase order approval. For this scenario I need to use SPRO transaction code. I want to define the release strategy. How can i release the strategy using SPRO tranaaction. Anybody help me. Thanks In Advance


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Work flow done for automate a process. e.g. There is a job A will start , then B will continue, then sent to C , then C will continue, then sent to D , and so on to G.

If this configured through Work flow then it after A finish the work , automatically it will send to B , then C then so on.

No need to send or check manually.

Workflow automates the steps and activities in a business process according to predefined procedures and rules.

Workflow presents information and documents to the appropriate knowledge worker or agent (another entity such as a program) to make a decision or perform an activity.

Workflow tracks each and every step in the process flow and maintains an ongoing status.

Workflow also collects and reports all of the metrics associated with the execution and completion of the process.

Check the below links u will get lot of info..


For examples on WorkFlow...check the below link..

Go through the following links on FORK :

search the workflow forum and check the workflow wiki and also check this link in

the basic definition of the workflow is to make the business process simple and more effective and to help the data to reach particular person at particular time. helps you to know detail about this.

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