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Pros and Cons between various techniques in SAP Interfaces

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We have a requirement to integrate SAP with third party tool that is developed on Java.

Interface should be both inbound and outbound. Client needs only some custom table fields from HCm and FI modules. ex: org unit, emp no, first name, last name , middle name, nick name ... for HCM. (approx 25 fields).

For the first time client is expecting all the data present in these custom fields in SAP database to be sent to third party and there on send only the updated/created (delta) data.

We proposed client with SAP JCo connector and create custom BAPI's in SAP for fetching only these custom fields.

But client is not ok with creating custom code in sap.

can any one post pros and cons between all the interface techniques that are present in SAP ( like JCO, web services, IDoc's etc) based on above requirement.


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Hi Naveen,

I hope Only custom code can be done as per you requirement. Otherwise again you need to buy some Interface like TIBCO to connect between SAP and JAVA systems. And you should also need a EDI consultant to do all these things. I dont know why he is not satisfied with custom code. We are doing custome code only for Inbound and Outbound data transfers.

Hope this gives some required information.



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Hi Naveen,

I worked on a similar requirement in which i was required to send the delta data for cost center when there is a change in some of the specified fields.

All the changes were logged in the CDPOS and CDHDR tables, i queried the tables based on the date and time and then sent the data to the third party system through proxy.

For the inbound part, i developed an FM which got triggered whenevr there was a change in the third party system.

The chnged data came into the input structure of the FM and I filled the IDOC segemnts with the input data and posted the IDOC which inturn updated the database tables.

You can follow a similar approach.

Hope it helps.