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Problems using HRPAD00INFTY method BEFORE_OUTPUT to change values

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Hi Guys,

Am implementing Badi HRPAD00INFTY and looking to utilise the BEFORE_OUTPUT method to default a couple of values during creation of an info type.

Easy enough to check I have the correct info type and determine my values, updating the INNN. Problem is that these values never make it to the screen. The reason for this is that the INNN parameter is importing.

So you can do what you like to this and the values get lost as soon as you exit the method.

So in a nutshell you can NOT use the BEFORE_OUTPUT method in the BADI to pre-determine values that will go into the info type before the user creates it.

There are a couple of posts around this issue but non seem to solve the problem. Was just wondering if anyone can confirm my suspicion.

This is in comparison to the user exits (that the Badi are designed to replace !?) where you have an Import INNN and an Export INNN with any changes you have made inside the exit.




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Hi Phil,

Check the link below... I think few others have faced similar problem with the BADI...


We have used the user exit PBAS0001 and it has INNNN as both import and export parameters. So we haven't faced any problem (and we did the type casting).