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Problem with SUIM due to Hot packages installation

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Hi Everybody,

I have a problem with SUIM.

After installation of hot packages (see picture enclosed), our SUIM transaction don't work properly.

When we use it, we always receive the total of roles, users, transactions,...

even we enter some criteria, we always receive as result the total of our choice!

There is no more action with the criteria fulfill.

I take a look on oss to check if the problem was well known.

I found the OSS note #882205 that was exactelly describing the problem I encountered.

Unfortunatelly, with the Hot package, that note was directly installed.

So, I don't know what to do.

I have an OSS note installed and the problem is still there!

If someone had encountered the same problem?

Impossible to install the note #882205, it is included in the transport SAPKB62056 and we are on SAPKB62059

Hope this clear




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Hi Christian,

Together with package 59 for 6.20 came the corrections of note 918629. This is most likely causing the error. Use snote to install 961294 (package 60) is the most likely solution.



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Thanks for your help.

It was the right OSS note, thanks for that.

Here is still a small problem (due to cust), using the following path SUIM > Roles > By Authorization object, select an object S_TCODE for example, the system refuses to execute that program saying as error "fill in "Composites roles" or Singles roles" (program RSUSR070, transaction S_BCE68001422), after investigation, it's seems the variant is not filled but it's SAP variant and I cannot change it.

How can I fullfill that variant?



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Hi Christian,

I can only guess because I dont know what you have customized... change the variant, or change rsusr070?

Certainly SAP has the possibility to do both and more to their objects when they change them. They will ignore many of your changes to their objects and overwrite them. As there are some valid reasons for doing this... you can use transaction SPAU to document and follow these deviations (so that you can put them back again).

S_BCE_68001422 is a standard transaction (created for the SUIM "reports") with a standard variant for rsusr070 (you can put this back again without problems in SE93). Try to put SAP&_AUTH back as the ....-variant parameter.

If S_BCE_68001422 is having problems because parts which are customizable are hardcoded somewhere else in rsusr070, then you should open a customer note with SAP. Chances are good that they will recommend that you copy S_BCE_68001422 to your own Z-transaction and change the variant on your own transaction, not theirs.