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Hi experts,

Im working in bulk invoicing after PGI. RV_INVOICE_CREATE is the one im using and its creating invoices. the problem is we have given a custom error message in standard RV60AFZZ program. when im executing certain delivery nos. its going to the error and fully it comes out of my program. so that i cant able to see wgat happened for the other PGI correctly invoiced.

is there any possibility to over come this, kindly help




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If you want stop or lock the creation of invoice manage it with the copy rules from delivery to invoice. For this purpose, see the VOFM that SAP gives you, and if the standard VOFM don't satisfy your requirements, then, create your own VOFM in your range name where you can write in ABAP your algorithm.

I hope this helps you



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Hi there,

The function module "RV_INVOICE_CREATE " has status 'Not released'.

The release status is visible in the Attributes tab in SE37.

According to the note

415983 Modification/customer developments of SAP function

109533 Use of SAP function modules

Attributes. Some of the reasons why internally released Function

modules are not documented are as follows;

- too much overhead

- internally released function modules are often changed and updated

- are designed for specific purposes by the relevant Application

Developers etc.

SAP does not support problems that occur if the customer used non-released function modules.

Many thanks,

Mohammed Hussain.

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Thanks mohamed,

The point which you have mentioned is correct, now i have changed the Function module and now im using BAPI_BILLINGDOC_CREATEMULTIPLE. this time also im getting the custom error from the RV06afzz Program and terminates out of my Code.


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Hi ,

if possible ... change the message behaviour in that program.

and also try like this

call Function 'XXXX'.
exception "not in case of BAPI.
 others  =  1.
if sy-subrc ne 0.

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Hi Prabu,

Can u Explain me little bit detail, i cant able to get an exact idea of your example.



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what i mean is , when you are calling FM RV_INVOICE_CREATE ,after that call ....just check for sy-subrc of that call...

call Function 'RV_INVOICE_CREATE'.

if sy-subrc ne 0.

so it wont stop your process.


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to create invoice documents in bulk for the documents which are PGI'ed you can use VF06 so that it will generate the documents in parallel sessions. We can specify the number of parallel sessions for the invoice generation and the log will contains the errors if any.