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Problem with BSP MVC

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Hi all,

I had a bsp application which is now running live in the organization. Recently, I got a problem report back from user, which is causing data loss.

After the support team check the problem and found out the source of the problem. Let me briefly state the problem here. The application is using bsp mvc and it is stateful.

First, when a user open the application in IE, it is a timesheet entry application, first page will display the time entry of that user for current month. let say the default selected month is September. then if the user wan to compare the entry with previous month, then he will open a new window (ctrl + N) or new tab (ctrl + T), then open the application again. Because of using SSO, the application will not prompt user to login again and will directly lead user to the time entry page. then the user change the month to August for the second new page.

after the user change the month to august, it will refresh the model that hold the data of the month. means the model now carry August calendar. then the user go back to the first window or the first tab with september time entry, he try to add in new data into that time entry, and save. when it is saved, the september data will go into the August data not go into the September data. this causing data loss in September.

If I tried this again with not using (ctrl + N) or (ctrl + T) but is open another new IE broswer instance, then it wont give this problem at all. because it create another new model to hold the calendar data. It work fine as long as the user not open two or more windows or tab in a same IE instances.

Does anyone here meet this problem before or could provide any suggestion to solve this kind of problem? I cant simply changed the application to stateless because it already using worldwide and it will cause a lot of problem. Sorry if my question here was not clear enough.

Thanks you. (reward point will be given for helpful answer.)


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Is there anyone can understand my problem?

Thanks you.

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Yes, I understand your problem.

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I understand too.. can i have some points ?