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Problem when converting from spool to XLS file

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I need to get table data from the spool and send it by mail in an xls file.

so this is what i have done:

I have used the FM 'RSPO_RETURN_ABAP_SPOOLJOB' to get the data table from the spool.

then i am sending the data table in an xls file via the FM 'SO_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1'.

the problem is that the xls file that i am getting through the mail is defected.

All the contents of the spool is located in the first row, first column.

How can i fix it?

Thanks, Barak.


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After geting the data in a internal table.from spool......refer this report.....

data: p_email type somlreci1-receiver

value 'MAIL ID'.

data: begin of it001 occurs 0,

bukrs type t001-bukrs,

butxt type t001-butxt,

end of it001.

data: imessage type standard table of solisti1 with header line,

iattach type standard table of solisti1 with header line,

ipacking_list like sopcklsti1 occurs 0 with header line,

ireceivers like somlreci1 occurs 0 with header line,

iattachment like solisti1 occurs 0 with header line.


select bukrs butxt into table it001 from t001.

  • Populate table with detaisl to be entered into .xls file

perform build_xls_data .

  • Populate message body text

clear imessage. refresh imessage.

imessage = 'Please find attached excel file'.

append imessage.

  • Send file by email as .xls speadsheet

perform send_email_with_xls tables imessage


using p_email

'Example Excel Attachment'







form build_xls_data .

  • constants: con_cret type x value '0D', "OK for non Unicode

  • con_tab type x value '09'. "OK for non Unicode

*If you have Unicode check active in program attributes thnen you will

*need to declare constants as follows

*class cl_abap_char_utilities definition load.


con_tab type c value cl_abap_char_utilities=>horizontal_tab,

con_cret type c value cl_abap_char_utilities=>cr_lf.

concatenate 'BUKRS' 'BUTXT'

into iattach separated by con_tab.

concatenate con_cret iattach into iattach.

append iattach.

loop at it001 .

concatenate it001-bukrs it001-butxt

into iattach separated by con_tab.

concatenate con_cret iattach into iattach.

append iattach.

endloop .





form send_email_with_xls tables pit_message


using p_email





data: xdocdata like sodocchgi1,

xcnt type i.

  • Fill the document data.

xdocdata-doc_size = 1.

  • Populate the subject/generic message attributes

xdocdata-obj_langu = sy-langu .

xdocdata-obj_name = 'SAPRPT' .

xdocdata-obj_descr = p_mtitle .

  • Fill the document data and get size of attachment

clear xdocdata.

read table iattach index xcnt.

xdocdata-doc_size =

( xcnt - 1 ) * 255 + strlen( iattach ).

xdocdata-obj_langu = sy-langu.

xdocdata-obj_name = 'SAPRPT'.

xdocdata-obj_descr = p_mtitle.

clear iattachment. refresh iattachment.

iattachment[] = pit_attach[].

  • Describe the body of the message

clear ipacking_list. refresh ipacking_list.

ipacking_list-transf_bin = space.

ipacking_list-head_start = 1.

ipacking_list-head_num = 0.

ipacking_list-body_start = 1.

describe table imessage lines ipacking_list-body_num.

ipacking_list-doc_type = 'RAW'.

append ipacking_list.

  • Create attachment notification

ipacking_list-transf_bin = 'X'.

ipacking_list-head_start = 1.

ipacking_list-head_num = 1.

ipacking_list-body_start = 1.

describe table iattachment lines ipacking_list-body_num.

ipacking_list-doc_type = p_format.

ipacking_list-obj_descr = p_attdescription.

ipacking_list-obj_name = p_filename.

ipacking_list-doc_size = ipacking_list-body_num * 255.

append ipacking_list.

  • Add the recipients email address

clear ireceivers. refresh ireceivers.

ireceivers-receiver = p_email.

ireceivers-rec_type = 'U'.

ireceivers-com_type = 'INT'.

ireceivers-notif_del = 'X'.

ireceivers-notif_ndel = 'X'.

append ireceivers.

call function 'SO_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1'


document_data = xdocdata

put_in_outbox = 'X'

commit_work = 'X'


packing_list = ipacking_list

contents_bin = iattachment

contents_txt = imessage

receivers = ireceivers


too_many_receivers = 1

document_not_sent = 2

document_type_not_exist = 3

operation_no_authorization = 4

parameter_error = 5

x_error = 6

enqueue_error = 7

others = 8.


Reward IF.........



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thank you for your reply but the problem is that my internal table is built only from one column

(that is called 'line' with 1024 chars) - that is becaues i don't know which fields will be in the spool and

i need to be ready for any case...

is it possible in in this case?

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If your system is unicode then use below class and its constant.

--- Class defination -

CLASS cl_abap_char_utilities DEFINITION LOAD.

  • Assign '#' to ascii_tab and carriage return parmeters

CONSTANTS: ascii_tab TYPE c VALUE cl_abap_char_utilities=>horizontal_tab.

CONSTANTS: c_cr_lf TYPE c VALUE cl_abap_char_utilities=>cr_lf.

at end of each row of your internal table concatenate c_cr_lf which will server as enter in excel format.


Shravan G.