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Problem using RSETESTD and WE11

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I am testing report RSETESTD to delete IDOCs, but I am not sure if it is working correctly.

The IDOCs (ORDRSP) I delete are linked to a sales order.

The report deletes the IDOC but when I check the relationship (service for object) from the sales order

I still can see the relation ship to the IDOC number. It does not show the IDOC anymore, but the link still exists.

I have debugged the report and I see that BINARY_RELATION_DELETE allways comes back with sy-subrc=4

"no role"

Is this a normal "functionality" that the relation is not deleted?

I do not want to see the relation from the sales order anymore...and also no history.

Who can tell me how it looks in other systems?

best regards



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Check OSS notes. Seems it is normal as the code after the function call checks if the sy-subrc > 4 that means 4 is ok.

Edited by: Sampath Kumar on May 11, 2011 10:07 AM

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I have installed all available Notes.....

But still this problem....I want to find out that it is a problem....

Maybe it is a "feature"?


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Could be a 'feature'. When you run, did you check all check boxes and 'uncheck the testrun'?

Update: I just ran and that got deleted and no links.... One more, i got sy-subrc 0 after the FM.

Edited by: Sampath Kumar on May 11, 2011 10:18 AM

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Yes, I havbe checked all boxes and I switch off test run.

The IDOC is physically deleted.

But can it be, that something the the customizing is missing, so that have to setup something,

so that BINARY_REALTION_DELETE works in a different way then and deletes also the relationship

and not only the IDOC.

Or is there a report to delete relation ships if one object does not exist????