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Problem updating data in ALV top of page

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Hi guys,

I'm facing a problem with updating the data in the top of page of the ALV.

In the user command I have a case when '&modify' it will call transaction XD02 to modify some data in it, after saving the new data it will update/refresh the alv with them using rs_selfield-refresh = 'X'.

It works pretty well, but the problem appears just the first time I log in to SAP after a long period or sometime after a dump, where I have to save twice before it actually update the ALV, after that all the next changes update without any problem until the same situations that I listed before.


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Difficult to help without any detail of your program. When a problem is complex to reproduce, often only you alone can find the reason. Probably there's a tiny bug somewhere which is difficult to find.

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You could add a delay between the call of XD02 and the refresh

  • In a small do n times loop, try to lock the customer (enqueue EXKNA1) with wait option and release it and exit loop if successful, else wait 1 second and continue loop. So the update tasks would be fully executed and lock released before you try to read database again.