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Problem in the IDoc structure, Getting IDoc status 26 (Syntax check error)

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I am using Stand-alone method to transfer IDoc from SAP to legacy system.

I defined custom IDoc, with 1 header segment (For multiple header and item details of the Document) and 2 child segments at the same level as per the requirement.

the structure like this,

->. Header_Seg (H. Level - 1)

-> child_seg_1 (H.Level - 2)

-> child_seg_2 (H.level - 2)

I am populating segments by passing header record out side of the loop and for child segments inside the loop. But I am getting syntax error status 26.

If I change the structure like,

->. Header_Seg (H. Level - 1)

-> child_seg_1 (H.Level - 2)

-> child_seg_2 (H.level - 3)

I am getting result successfully with status 30 or 03.

But I need the first IDoc strcuture only.

Please help me to solve this problem.

thank you,



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define the level in the both parent and child segments..

HLEVEL = 1 for parent

HLEVEL = 2 for child

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I think It's automatically generated by SAP.

We can't give the H.level.

and 1 more clarification,

In stand-alone program can we send the every data in separate IDocs by putting MASTER_IDOC_DISTRIBUTE in inside the loop.


shall I send entire data in one single IDoc.

because In my IDoc, I have some H.level 1 segments. Means It won't repeat.

but I want to make those fields repeatable also.

so how can I pass the data in H.level 1 fields as repeatable.

Please help me in this regard.

thank you,