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Problem in calling event ITEM_DOUBLE_CLICK in CL_GUI_ALV TREE Programming

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Hello All,

Please help me in solving this problem.

I have created a ALV Tree Reporting with 3 hierarchy levels. Now in hierarchy level 2 and 3 i have few icons and when i click that icon i need to call SAP Transactions. For this i used event ITEM_DOUBLE_CLICK. This item is not getting triggered when i double click on this icons. Instead if i call Event NODE_DOUBLE_CLICK the event gets triggered. I am not sure why event ITEM_DOUBLE_CLICK is not getting triggered. Nothing wrong in calling the events because NODE_DOUBLE_CLICK is working fine. Please give me solution how to call ITEM_DOUBLE_CLICK.

DO we have any specific way of adding this node to tree? because i guess its considering all the lines as node so Node_double_click is getting trigered. I need to use ITEM_DOUBLE_CLICK because only in this event i can capture the field name so that i can check the field name and call the transaction for that particular field alone.

Please give me some solution for this.

Right solution will be rewarded with points.

Thanks & Regards



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Hello Satty,

I'm using event ITEM_DOUBLE_CLICK in some of my programs ,

I activate this event with this code :


lt_event TYPE cntl_simple_events,

lw_event TYPE cntl_simple_event.

lw_event-eventid =


APPEND lw_event TO lt_event.

CALL METHOD g_tree->set_registered_events


events = lt_event


cntl_error = 1

cntl_system_error = 2

illegal_event_combination = 3.

IF sy-subrc <> 0.



SET HANDLER me->event_item_double_click FOR g_tree.

This event being triggered when I double click any of fields but only on the bottom level lines ,

I mean it will work only level 3 lines of your tree.

Could you make it work up to this point?

As far as I concerned you want to use this event for level 2 too,

than I've debugged internal codes of class CL_GUI_ALV_TREE a little for you,

it could be triggered on upper lines if you add a field catalog line with field name '&Hierarchy',

but it works only if user clicks on hierarchy column on a level 2 line. Just try..

Maybe it will solve your problem.

Let me know if you encounter any of problems.


Edited by: Bulent Balci on Jul 25, 2010 10:55 PM

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Hello Balci,

Thank you very much for your inputs. I have done the same way that you have mentioned. The only mistake i made is i didnt activate item_selection export parameter in the method of Tree. I have checked it to X and now the item double click is working fine.

Once again thanks for spending time on this.

Thanks & Regards