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Problem in calculating moving a price...

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Hi Experts,

I am Modifying Standard Program RM07MLBD(Tcode : mb5b) I have copied to zprogram in my program i am adding few fields in program my fields are closing stock qty(by document by document) closing stock value(price document by docment)

Price(Moving avg price by document by document)

i am calculating a price

show example :

mb5bqty mb5bprice cs cv(closing value)

0 MT 249.17- 2,682.180 9,200,499.51

329- MT 1,248,516.14- 2,353.180 7,951,983.37

1.960 MT 93,337.25 2,375.140 8,045,320.62

6.550 MT 70,342.96 2,391.690 8,115,663.58

2.110 MT 93,974.80 2,413.800 8,209,638.38

Now i want to calculate the moving avg price.

mov = cv / cs.

i wrote the same logic in my program

it will show like this


but the actual value is 3430.23

i am declaring the variable

data: mov type p decimals 2,

cv type p decimals 3,

cs type p decimals 2.


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In your program attributes, do you have the 'Fixed point arithmetic' flag set?