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problem in BDC FOR uploading more than 1 insep. typ in QM view for MM01

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I had made a BDC in which i am trying to upload the data for the QM view which is being extended in it but the problem is when the program reaches the to QM view it is only able to upload only 1 inspection Type which is working fine but when there is more than 1 it gives error that its QM View has already maintained. Please provide me guiddlines how to solve this problem .

Here's is the link to the code which i am trying to modify:-

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You are uploading the inspection type in the by looping the internal table.

If particular material has more than one inspection type..than as per your program after creating the first inspection type it is trying to create the second inspection type because of which you are getting the error. For second inspection type you need to call the MM02 tode to update the inspection type with second value.

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But is it not possible that while creating the insepction type for the first it should simultaneously take the value of 2nd inspection type .

see,ina bdc of qp01 or ca01 we can insert the values at the screen but why can't we do d same in the bdc of mm01,

I had made a bdc for tcode MM02 in which i am able to upload the data but in that there is a problem that some of the materials have the Quality managmnt View at position no. 11 or 13 of the screen.

here's is d link for the code of the program :-

plzz provide me guidelines how to solve it .

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