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Problem coping data from excel to clipboard and abap

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Hello, all.

We are using FM ALSM_EXCEL_TO_INTERNAL_TABLE to upload excel files in somo of our programs. I know this FM is not released and there things like abap2xlsx... but this is an old project with lot of programs using this FM, some of these programs have like 20 years... (we are still in SAP ECC 6.0 😕 )

Well, all this programs have been working well all these years, but suddenly starts falling from the last week. Dont who changed what. I think an integration with office 365 is being prepared and perhaps they have changed some system parameter.

This FM uses ole2 Objects, and what it does is basically select all the data from the worksheet, copy it to the clipboard and paste it into an internal table. I think the problem is about the amount of data copied into the clipboard, because with small files it seems it working fine.

I've made a session trace and I've seen this error:

<100=Automation:    CALL METHOD "ClipboardImport" OF [#9/0x0D34BA78/202/Sapgui.InfoCtrl.1]
<100=(Error):    CSapInfoCtrl::ClipboardImport: Failed to obtain clipboard data object handle, hres = -2147221040
<100=Automation:    elapsed time for call = 0.001 sec
<100=Automation:    Result: LONG "-1"
I'm not a basis buy, so I dont know how to interpret this... (Long - 1 ??)

Any clue?

Thanks in advance.


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Did you check compatibility of versions : SAP GUI, SAP ECC, Excel/Office

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We have the same issue in one of ours customers!

The problem happens randomly, depends on the desktop, and started recently.

Some PCs don't have the problem!

Any solution without change the upload code?

Thanks in advance

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Please use the COMMENT button for comments, asking for complements, adding details, replying to a comment or a proposed solution or to the OP question, etc., ANSWER is only to propose a solution, dixit SAP text at the right of the answer area.

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We have the same issue. Any solution for this ?

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I can only post again Raymond answer, in case you didn't see it. Search "Excel Office 365" in SAP notes. Contact SAP support if you need more information.