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Printing Adobe PDF without a Job

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Hello all,

I'm using a generic program that calls different types of printing programs per distributor,

the problem is that most of printouts are kinds of smartforms and layouts and only one of them

is Adobe PDF, so the printout of this PDF's output comes when ever he want during all other printouts.

We checked this issue and found that the reason is using of JOB process in PDF printouts, is there any

way that I can output an Adobe PDF without using this Job process ?

The code that I'm using is for PDF printout (without business data...)

TYPES:   BEGIN OF ty_kunnr,

              kunnr TYPE kna1-kunnr,

              name1 TYPE kna1-name1,

            END OF ty_kunnr.

   DATA: ssf_name         TYPE tdsfname,

         func_mod_name    TYPE rs38l_fnam,

         ls_outputparams  TYPE sfpoutputparams,

         ls_docparams     TYPE sfpdocparams,

         ls_result        TYPE fpformoutput.                 "#EC NEEDED

   ssf_name = 'ZWM_PACK_MNG'.

   CLEAR func_mod_name.




           i_name     = ssf_name


           e_funcname = func_mod_name.

     CATCH cx_fp_api_repository cx_fp_api_usage cx_fp_api_internal.

       sy-subrc = 1.

       MESSAGE i117(zpp) WITH ssf_name.


   ls_outputparams-getpdf  = ''.

   ls_outputparams-reqnew = 'X'.

   ls_outputparams-reqimm = 'X'.

   ls_outputparams-preview = ' '.

   ls_outputparams-nodialog = 'X'.

   ls_outputparams-dest = 'PLCL'.



         ie_outputparams = ls_outputparams


         cancel          = 1

         usage_error     = 2

         system_error    = 3

         internal_error  = 4

         OTHERS          = 5.

     IF sy-subrc <> 0.

       MESSAGE e118(zpp).


     ls_docparams-langu   = sy-langu.

     ls_docparams-country = 'IL'.

     CONCATENATE sy-datum+6(2) sy-datum+4(2) sy-datum(4) INTO lv_crnt_date_str SEPARATED BY '/'.

     CONCATENATE lv_lddat+6(2) lv_lddat+4(2) lv_lddat(4) INTO lv_load_date_str SEPARATED BY '/'.

* Now call the generated function module

     CALL FUNCTION func_mod_name


         /1bcdwb/docparams  = ls_docparams

         dist_num           = ls_kunnr-kunnr

         dist_name          = ls_kunnr-name1

         rpt_date           = lv_load_date_str

         result_table       = lt_printout

         matnr_11           = lv_matnr_11

         matnr_7            = lv_matnr_7

         matnr_4            = lv_matnr_4

         matnr_8            = lv_matnr_8

         crnt_date          = lv_crnt_date_str


         /1bcdwb/formoutput = ls_result


         usage_error        = 1

         system_error       = 2

         internal_error     = 3

         OTHERS             = 4.

     IF sy-subrc <> 0.

       MESSAGE e118(zpp).




         usage_error    = 1

         system_error   = 2

         internal_error = 3

         OTHERS         = 4.

     IF sy-subrc <> 0.

       MESSAGE e118(zpp).



Amit Berku


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Hello all,

After no one answered to my question, the only solution that I've found is to turn the PDF output into smartforms and now all printouts comes out sync way.


Amit Berku

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Yup.... I do not think there is any other way to print Adobe forms without using a job.


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Most likely you didn't get any replies because it's difficult to understand the question. It seems you might be confusing SAP Adobe Forms with PDF file format (these are two different things). Also the title does not really match the question. My first impression was this had something to do with a printout in a background job. But only after looking at the code it became clear that the question is about calling an Adobe form with FP_JOB_OPEN (SAP's poor naming choice for this FM did not help, unfortunately).

And the FM actually seems irrelevant because the actual challenge is putting Smartform and Adobe form into the same output (spool / PDF file). Similar question has already been asked on SCN, use Google with "Smartform and Adobe form in the same spool".

When posting questions on SCN, I'd suggest to use the standard terminology (translations can be found in STERM transaction) and ensure that the title describes the question correctly. Usually if there are no replies whatsoever for days it means something is wrong with how the question was asked.

Now if this has been resolved then kindly close the discussion (see this blog).

Thank you.