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Posting to G/L accounts with open item management are not permitted in KO88

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Dear SAP-Experts,

When calling the transaction code KO88 for Settlement Rule in SAP, I get an error message (see Figure_1 & Figure_2).

I tried to find out with the help of Debugger from which database table the G/L account 12200595 is read. In the include LFAGL_COFI_ONLRECF0C in line 281 I came across a statement that I do not understand. A line is transferred from the local table CT_ACCIT_SUM to FIELD-SYMBOL <LS_ACCIT_SUM> (see Figure_3).

When I compare the content of table CT_ACCIT_SU with the content of FIELD-SYMBOL<LS_ACCIT_SUM>, I still cannot understand from which database table the field <LS_ACCIT_SUM>-S_SUMKEY-S_ACCIT-HKONT is determined (see Figure_4 ).

Can anyone help me?

With kind regards

Emal Rahman


Active Contributor
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Hey Emal,

Not sure about debugging but this error is related to GL Account, which you can resolve in FS00.